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The Xiaomi Mijia 1s is a new model of Xiaomi Mijia. This model is part of the Xiaomi Mijia brand. What is new – 2000 Pa, 5200 mAh battery, LDS SlAM + Vision SLAM Navigation, AI Image Recognition, Smarter Zoned Cleaning + APP Virtual Wall and more.


technical specifications

Suitable for Hard floor, laminate, thin carpets and etc.
Suction power max 2000 Pa
Operation time 150 minutes
Dustbin capacity 420 ml
Water tank
Wet Mopping No
Navigation technology LIDAR + visual sensor
Main brush Yes
Side brush /one or two/ Yes – one
Filter HEPA
Room to room cleaning Yes
Cleaning modes standart, quiet, max, zoned cleanup
Wi-Fi / Smartphone App Yes
Amazon Alexa support/Google Assistant support No
Cleaning area 250 m2
Recharge and resume Yes
Zone cleaning Yes
Restricted areas Yes
Charging Home base, manual
Battery capacity 5200 mAh
Scheduling Yes
Remote Control No
Virtual wall or other bounder Yes, App, Software virtual wall
Anti-drop / Cliff Sensor Yes
Dirt Detect No
Full Bin Indicator No
Carpet boost No
In the box Robot, home base,  HEPA filter, cleaning tool, adapter
Robot height 3.19 in / 9,6 cm
Robot width 12.60 in / 32 cm
Warranty 12 months

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