The brand iLife

Ilife is a brand of Chinese robot vacuum cleaners. The brand offers high quality robots at reasonable prices. iLife has established itself in the robot market and is constantly launches new models.

iLife is one of the leading brands in budget robots and especially 2 – in – 1 robots for dry and wet (mop) cleaning.

Why iLife becomes ZACO?

Presumably in order to avoid possible infringements of name rights or to be able to better build up an own image, the brand name will in future amount to “ZACO” (pronounced Säko). Nothing will change in the existing models (not even the names), the newly appearing vacuum robots will be sold under the brand name “ZACO”. Thus the ZACO A9S will be introduced just in time for the name change at the beginning of July 2019.

The distributor for EU of ZACO is  Robovox. The agreements made regarding the transfer name include not only the complete distribution of all vacuum robot models, but also logistics, service and marketing. Anyone who already owns an ILIFE vacuum robot will continue to have Robovox as their contact for support questions.


Ilife robots

The ILIFE product range

A-series are the models with 2 side brushes and one central brush. These models don’t have mop function. Here are the current models: А4s, A6, A7, A8, A9, A9s 

V-series are the models with mop and without central brush – V50, V4, V5s Pro, V55, V8s/V80. V4 is without mop and central brush.  V50 is wtih “dry” mop.

W-series is the newest series. The only model W400 –  floor washing robot.

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